Social Commitment

Viva con Agua

VcA is a non-profit organization that advocates for access to clean drinking water, sanitation facilities, and basic sanitation worldwide (WASH - Water, Sanitation, Hygiene). Following the motto "Water for All - All for Water," the organization combines positive activism with the implementation of projects in collaboration with people and organizations around the world. The project originated in Germany in 2006 and has since expanded with numerous sub-associations, such as VcA Switzerland (since 2009). Dominic has been involved with VcA since 2021, and since the establishment of Z2 Physio, the practice has been supporting the organization.

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Viva con Agua Social Business Club

We're on board! The VcA Social Business Club is an innovative network of like-minded companies who are dedicated to spreading the vision of "Water for all" worldwide. These companies also commit to making regular donations with the goal of covering the organization's overhead costs in the long term, ensuring that 100% of the donations can be invested in water, sanitation, and hygiene projects (WASH).


DRINK & DONATE is committed to raising awareness about responsible water usage and providing access to clean drinking water for disadvantaged people. Their motto is "Drink tap water, donate drinking water."

They aim to change people's consumption behavior by encouraging them to drink our high-quality tap water, thus reducing plastic waste, water wastage, and other by-products associated with the sale and trade of plastic bottles. Additionally, they collect donations in the hospitality industry and through partnerships with companies to support drinking water projects in countries with precarious water situations.

Z2 Physio is involved in this initiative by promoting a "Water-Footprint" to ensure long-term access to clean drinking water for individuals. Additionally, we refrain from using plastic bottles and provide drinking water in our practice through the convenient "FILL ME Bottle."

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Surfpop is a non-profit organization based in the Cape Town region of South Africa. They are dedicated to supporting children aged 8-15 from the townships by providing academic and social support, teaching them important life skills, and offering various forms of assistance. Surfing and the positive effects of this sport always play a significant role in their activities. Our therapist Dominic volunteered with Surfpop for 2 months during the winter of 2019/20, actively contributing to their mission.

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Tree-Nation is a non-profit organization with the goal of reforesting the world. The main objective of their reforestation efforts is climate protection. In addition, they create job opportunities, support local communities, and protect biodiversity. Tree-Nation allows anyone, whether individuals or companies, to contribute to climate action. We want to do our part and, therefore, donate a tree in your name for every Google Review you provide.

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