The modern breath gas analysis to support and optimize your therapy!

The analysis can be used with two main focuses:

1 - Resting analysis "Food"

We measure your breath gases at rest over a period of 5 minutes. This provides information about your basal metabolic rate, exercise metabolism, fat metabolism, and much more. It also allows us to draw conclusions about your physical well-being, helping us to plan your therapy optimally and tailor the training to you!

If we consider this measurement meaningful, we offer it to you for free during your initial physiotherapy appointment!

2 - Performance analysis "Activity"

This is a performance diagnostic conducted during activity on a treadmill or bike. We measure your heart rate zones and changes in breath gases, which enables us to determine your optimal heart rate zones, IAAS, VO2 max, fat max, oxygen uptake, ventilatory threshold, max power, and optimal recovery range. As a result, we can design your training optimally, and you will achieve the best possible results!

Nutrition and Training Support

The breath gas analysis device is developed by the company uVida GmbH. But uVida doesn't stop there! In addition, they have developed a nutrition program and an endurance training program that integrates the analysis data of your breath gases to create a highly personalized training or nutrition plan for you. Combined with our expertise in sports physiotherapy, we can accompany and support you beyond physiotherapy, providing individualized, app-supported, and effective guidance.