What does MTT stand for?

MTT stands for Medizinische Trainings Therapie, which translates to Medical Training Therapy.

How is MTT used?

MTT is intended as a complement to regular physiotherapy and allows you to perform strength and conditioning exercises in a professional environment. The positive effects of exercise and physical activity have been extensively researched, making active movement an essential part of our therapy approach. After we show you various exercises during physiotherapy, it is up to you to perform them regularly. If you do not have adequate facilities or resources for exercising on your own, MTT can be the right solution for you. It provides a structured and supervised training program tailored to your individual needs, helping you achieve better results in your rehabilitation and overall health.

What rules apply to MTT?

Before you can start with MTT, you should have undergone at least one physiotherapy prescription so that your therapist knows you adequately and you have already gained some exercise experience.

Before you can start with MTT, your insurance must grant cost approval. Therefore, the start of your MTT requires some more lead time compared to a physiotherapy prescription.

MTT is granted for 3 months, meaning you are allowed to use the practice's infrastructure for your training for 3 months. The idea behind this is for you to build enough confidence and gain experience during this time so that you can continue your training independently in a gym or similar facility afterward.

During MTT, the physiotherapist serves as your point of contact, but you will largely perform the exercises independently.

We are happy to provide you with further advice and assist you in deciding whether MTT is the right choice for you.